We collect, enrich, deliver actionable data
about brand impersonation, phishing and threat intelligence.

We help you protecting your customers, users and brand image.

What we do?

At StalkPhish we create tools to detect and analyse phishing and brand impersonation campaigns. To help companies fighting those threats we decided to bring them another data feed, as a REST API.

What is StalkPhish.io?

After years of working on the phishing threat, since we have been collecting data on phishing since then, we decided to launch StalkPhish.io. StalkPhish.io parse several OSINT sources related to phishing, it enrichs this data, then try to extract phishing kit sources and informations phishing sites can contain. StalkPhish.io provides a REST API which allows you to use this feed for your everyday phishing/brand impersonation detection, as for threat hunting or incident response analysis, where phishing is very often used as the entry point.

Who is it built for?

StalkPhish.io is designed by and for teams of IT security experts (SOC, CSIRT/CERT) from companies targeted by brand impersonation and phishing campaigns which try to collect credentials, personal or banking data from their customers or users, as for companies dedicated to phishing and brand impersonation URL takedown. Our feed can also be used during digital investigation and IOCs search, especially if phishing was used in the case.

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Picture of the founder of StalkPhish.
Thomas Damonneville